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Aliens have invaded the city. Armed with a prototype weapon that can break through the aliens' encrypted force fields you are the only hope. Zoom around the city destroying aliens as you find them. Do it quickly before they have a chance to destroy you! Save hostages and use the power-ups the give to put a hurting on those soulless space monsters. Choose typing mode, to fight the aliens by quickly typing words that appear on screen, or choose arcade mode for classic shooting action.

Track your progress with a comprehensive results screen. Challenge yourself with multiple skill levels. Import your own word lists via email and destroy spam, shoot your way through study notes or hone your skills on difficult to type words.


Typing Mode

When an enemy appears on screen it will have a code box next to it, enter the entire code word to destroy the alien. The timer bar at the bottom of the code box will countdown until it is empty, at which point the alien will attack you dealing varying degrees of damage. If the alien has a hostage and the timer runs out the hostage will be killed, after which the timer bar will begin to countdown again.

When you start typing the word in the code box the associated alien will become targeted, indicated by a set of crosshairs which will appear over the enemy. You must complete this code before moving on to another. The only exception to this rule is enemies with single-digit numeric codes. These enemies are falling bombs and the small 'Jumping Spider' enemies. You may type the single digit number at anytime, and when finished will be automatically back on the previously targeted alien.


Arcade Mode

Use the /// or to move the crosshairs over enemies. Press or to shoot. Head shots earn more points than body shots and body shots earn more than limb shots. In arcade mode it is possible to shoot hostages, although you want to avoid this as it will cost you points, and you will not get your power-ups.


Email Invasion

Email Invasion has the same game play as Typing Mode, however you can import your own word lists via email. This allows you to destroy spam messages, battle through study notes, and practice commonly mistyped words.

To use the Email Invasion mode you must first enable the email import setting:

- Press
- Select 'Settings', then 'Import Options'
- Check 'Enable Importing From Email'
- Choose to either import the email words in order, or randomly. Now from the email application you can choose to open an email message with War of The Words and use the message contents as a level. Game play is the same as typing mode.

Here you may also choose to have the email words import either in order or randomly. If you want to be able to read the email, and have it make sense, choose to import the words in order. This is best for study notes correspondence and newsletter style email messages. Random import generally works best for emails composed of single words, nonsense emails, spam and word list style email messages. Once the email import setting is activated you can import an email into War of the Words by opening an email message in the email application, scrolling to the bottom, and choosing 'Open with War of the Words' from the button that appears at the end of the email text.

- You may only use one email as your word list at a time.
- Importing a new email will delete the previously saved email word list.
- Importing will strip out all non-alphabetical characters, such as numbers, punctuation and special characters.
- Words over 10 characters long will be truncated to fit onto the screen.




The aliens will sometimes take hostages; if you see an alien with a hostage you should destroy that alien immediately. When a hostage is freed he or she will provide you with a power-up item. In arcade mode the hostage in vulnerable to being shot, be careful not to shoot the hostage. If you kill a hostage it will cost you points.


Power Ups

Grenade - A powerful explosive that will clear the entire screen of enemies. You begin the game with a limited number of grenades, but hostages can also reward you with more when you free them. To throw a grenade, press or the space bar.

First-Aid Kit - Obtained sometimes by rescuing a hostage, the first-aid kit will automatically applied and will replenish a portion of your health.



Health Bar - Location: upper-left corner. Displays the amount of health you currently have.

Medals, Rank and Score - Location: upper-right corner. Shows your current medals, rank and score.

Portrait - Location: lower-left corner. A visual representation of your current health.

Grenades - Location lower-right corner. Shows the current number of grenades you have available.


Earning Ranks

As you progress through a level you will earn medals. If you earn a bronze, silver and gold medal you will be eligible for a rank promotions. Every medal you earn makes the game slightly more challenging. When you are promoted the game progresses to the next difficulty level. The game will end only when your health meter runs out.


Typing Results

Speed/Bonuses - A record of bonuses you received based on typing speed. It displays the number of words you typed in each bonus category out of the total number of words typed in the game.

Weaknesses - This screen will display up to five of your most troublesome characters, mistyped when trying to destroy an alien.

Chart - This will show your game play style based on five different skill areas:

Based upon how many mistakes you make while entering in the codes.

The speed at which you type the codes.

How quickly you target the next alien after defeating the previous one, or after they appear on the screen.

The speed at which you destroy numeric enemies.

Your ability to identify the next most threatening enemy to target based on how much time is left to enter the code.


Arcade Results

Shot Breakdown - A record of bonuses you received based on where you shot enemies, either limb body or head shot. It displays the number of hits in each bonus category out of the total number of shots in the game.

Chart - This will show your game play style based on five different skill areas:

Hit %
The percentage of hits you had versus missed shots.

The total number of kills.

Head Shots
The total number of head shots.

Chest Shots
The total number of chest shots.

The total number of hostages saved.



Use Sounds - When checked, uses in-game sounds.

Use Vibration - When checked, uses in-game vibrations.

Import Options

Enable Importing from Email - When checked, enables importing emails from within the email application.

Select Words in Order - When selected, will import email words in order.

Select Words Randomly - When selected, will import email words in a random order.

Arcade Mode

D-Pad Acceleration - Determines how quickly the crosshairs move while aiming with the D-Pad.

Acceleration - Determines how quickly the crosshairs move while aiming with



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