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Place fun Stickers on your Pictures!

StickerPics is the fun and easy way to edit and share your pictures. Use virtual stickers to modify your pictures in fun new ways, and save and share your creation with friends..


Loading An Image

When you enter StickerPics, you'll be able to select image from the album on your device. Highlight an image using or , then press to select it. Finally, choose 'Used Checked' from the menu.

Note: Make sure you only have one image selected, you will not be able to load multiple images. If there are no images in your device's album, there won't be any images to select so be sure to add some before continuing.


Loading A Pack

Now that your image is loaded, you'll need to select a sticker pack. Highlight a pack using /, or (up and down), then press to load it.

Note: If you have no sticker packs downloaded you'll need to do so from the catalog before continuing any further.


Editing Images

Now with everything loaded, you may want to edit the image before applying stickers. Press or to open the sidebar, highlight 'Edit Image' and press . A second sidebar will appear where you'll find some options:

Resize Image - Use this to scale your image to a different size. Choosing 'screen size' will make the image the same size the visible portion of the screen.

Crop Image - This tool is for removing unwanted sections of your image. When chosen, a cursor will appear on the screen with a scissors icon. Move the cursor to the top-left portion of the image you want to keep. While holding down , move the cursor to the lower-right portion of the image you want to keep. When you have selected the area you want to crop, release .

Note: Everything outside of the crop rectangle will be deleted.

Rotate 90° - Rotates your image 90 degrees clockwise.

Rotate -90° - Rotates your image 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

Flip Horizontal - Mirrors the image horizontally.

Flip Vertical - Mirrors the image vertically.


Adding stickers

When you are ready to apply stickers, press or to open the sidebar, and highlight the desired sticker category and press . A second sidebar will appear with a list thumbnails for each sticker for that category. Highlight the desired sticker and press .

Now the sticker will appear on top of your image. You can now manipulate the sticker in the following ways:

Move - hold to move the sticker around the image.

Scale - roll up and down to resize the sticker to fit the scale of your image. Holding while rolling will change the scale at larger increments.

Rotate - roll left and right to freely rotate the sticker to match the orientation of your image.

Note: There will be a slight delay before the rotation is performed.

Flip - press and to flip the sticker vertically and horizontally, respectively.

Apply - when you are ready to place the sticker press .

Cancel - at any time you can choose to cancel the sticker placement by pressing or ."


Adding Text

To add text to your image, select 'Text Tool' under 'Edit Image' in the sidebar. Here you'll be able choose the text to be used and settings. When you have everything set up, press the 'Done' button.

Note: The 'Outline' menu is only applicable for outline style fonts.

Now you will see your text on the screen with a blinking box around it. This bounding box indicates how the text will be wrapped if it is wider than the blinking region.

Move - hold to move the text around the image.

Adjust Width - use to increase/decrease the width of the bounding box.

Adjust Height - use + to increase/decrease the height of the bounding box. It is a good idea to make the box only as tall as text requires for scaling and rotating it after applying.

Apply - when you are ready to place the text press . Now the text will be treated like a sticker - it can moved, scaled, rotated and flipped in the same way.


Useful Tips

- Some stickers are only half of the desired image. To apply the other half, select the sticker again and press or to flip it to the other half.

- After applying a sticker, you can remove it by pressing and selecting 'Undo'.

- Press and hold the 0 key to zoom out the image to see it in its entirety (this is only applicable when no other actions are being performed).



Resize To Screen Dimensions On Load - If checked, each time you load an image it will be scaled down so that the entire image fits onto the screen.

Cursor Acceleration - Changes how quickly the cursor moves around the screen when the move keys are held. The faster the acceleration the more rapidly the cursor will move across larger images, the slower the acceleration, the more control you will have over placement of stickers.

Enable Importing From Email - If checked, this will allow you to import image files from an email to use with StickerPics.


Availble Sticker Packs





Hollywood Hair


Musician Hair




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