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The Earth's fate was nearly sealed when a race of cybernetic organisms first appeared from the sky in the year 2067. It was soon obvious that they came only for conquest. After nuking most of the planet's major metropolitan cities, the human race was rounded up into squalid settlements so that they could be contained and studied. Completely subjugated, there is no chance for rebellion, only revenge.

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Slimeball SpeedwayA growing ball of slime races through town and eats the inhabitants! A factory mishap has transformed a chemical spill into a speeding slimeball of doom!In this addictive racing game, navigate your sinister slime as it rolls through town eating the hapless victims that cross its path. The more the blob eats, the bigger it gets. The bigger it gets, the more objects it can eat. As your blob grows, so does its speed-- so make sure it eats as much as it can! For more of a challenge you can try to beat a "ghost" replay of a previous race, or face-off against a network opponent's "ghost" blob.


Quick Start

Object Of The Game

Roll your blob through town eating as many hapless victims as possible. The larger you grow, the more objects you can eat. The more objects you eat, the faster you go. Try to grow as big and fast as possible and compete for the best level score.


Roll  to move the blob back and forth across the street. Your size and momentum control your speed and ability to maneuver.


 Eating Stuff

Eating stuff causes your blob to grow. The larger it grows the faster your blob can go. If an object has a flashing green indicator circle then your blob can eat it. To eat it simply navigate your blob so it rolls over the object.


 Avoiding Other Stuff

If an object does not have a flashing green indicator circle it can potentially damage your blob. To avoid blob damage or death move your blob so that it does not collide with these objects.


 In rural races your blob can also be damaged by running over fences and cornfields.



Navigate your blob through the levels by rolling  .

Items that your blob is big enough to eat will have a radioactive glow, indicated by a pulsing green circle around the object. If the blob crashes into an object that does not have the green glow your blob will take damage and will lose size, lose speed or die. Damage is based on the size and weight difference between the blob and the object it hits. The bigger the object is in relation to the blob, the more damage it will inflict.

Be careful also to avoid fences and cornfields in rural races as running over them will cause damage to your blob as well.

Speed Modifying Objects
Certain obstacles will speed up or slow down your blob.

Potholes And Puddles
These items cause your blob to lose speed. Although they slow you down they may come in handy when trying to navigate around large obstacles.

The zipper arrow gives you a speed burst. Be careful because the faster the blob is going the less you are in control.

Ghost Blobs
 If you finish a race you will have the option to save your race as a "ghost blob". A ghost blob is like a replay that you can race against. You can only have one local and one received ghost per course so make sure you want to overwrite the existing ghost before you say yes. Your ghost will automatically be saved the first time you complete a course. During the race the ghost blobs will race along with you and is
colored based on its type:


- Your blob
- Local ghost blob
- Received ghost blob

You can send and receive ghost blobs from other players. To do so, select "Send Ghost Blob" from the menu. If you receive a network ghost blob you will be alerted with a notification and will be able to play against that blob.



Full Screen (In-Game)
Expands the screen top to bottom, hiding the time display, network status and battery meter.

Use Sounds
Turns on game sounds when checked, off when unchecked.

Use Vibration
Turns on game vibrations when checked, off when unchecked.

Collisions Shake Screen
Turns on screen shake effect when checked, off when unchecked.


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