In Development: Panic Pinball

Leave the coins at home and get ready for an action-packed pinball experience right in your pocket. Run the tunnels and rattle around the bumpers while picking up point multipliers to beat the high score - you'll feel like you're right in the arcade! Whether you're a beginner or a real pinball wizard you won't be disappointed!

Aqua Picross
Ready for a challenge? Aqua Picross is a collection of original nonogram grid puzzles. Use your wits to decipher the picross "paint-by-numbers" system and reveal the picture. Make too many mistakes and GAME OVER! Includes 100 puzzles and a tutorial for beginners.



 or  - Moves the water dropper cursor.

Press  or  - Places a picture droplet.

Press  or  - Flags/unflags a spot as blank.   


Use Music - When checked, uses in-game music.

Use Sounds - When checked, uses in-game sounds.

Use Vibration - When checked, uses in-game vibrations.


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