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Learn languages on your Sidekick/Hiptop!

Linkword Languages basic courses allow you to learn an extensive foreign language vocabulary and basic grammar in just 10-12 hours. This is up to THREE TIMES faster than normal learning Methods. The courses are ideal for the traveler, whether for business or holidays, as well as for schoolwork. Linkword Languages basic courses also comes with a handy flashcard quiz and glossary section for review.


How to Use

End Lesson
End the lesson and return to the main menu.

Opens the glossary. When you are finished, you will return to your current place in the lesson.

Jump To Section
Switches to the selected section in the lesson. This is useful for review, however it is always recommended that you progress through the program from beginning to end to achieve the greatest degree of retention.

Automatically Play Sounds
If this is checked the audio pronunciation will automatically play at the beginning of each vocabulary section. If you uncheck this you can still manually play the sound files by pressing  .



At the end of each section you will be quizzed on the words and grammar you have learned. Enter the correct word, term or sentence in the text box and press  to check your answer. Press  again to proceed to the next question.

As you first go through the quizzes you do not need to worry about spelling as the quizzes are not scored, and a purely for self evaluation. As you review, however, you may want to pay special attention to correct spelling and punctuation



From the deck selection screen, highlight the deck you'd like to be quizzed on and press  to begin.

Use  or  to flip the card over, doing this again will cycle to the next card (removing the current card from the deck).

Use  to flip the current card back over.

Press  to keep the current card from the deck (instead of discarding it).

Use  /  or  to scroll text on cards (if applicable).

Native  Target Language - Tests the front side of the card.
Target  Native Language - Tests the back side of the card.
Both - Tests the front AND back side of the card.
Randomize Cards - Toggles between alphabetically ordered and randomized card selection.



The glossary is provided for review. Use  to scroll through the list and highlight a word. Press  to hear the corresponding audio pronunciation. Press  to exit the glossary.

You can also switch to sort alphabetically by language by changing the 'Native  Target Language' and 'Target  Native Language' option in the menu.



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