Armored Strike Reaches #2 spot on Android Market!

Armored Strike has been a big hit on Android reaching the #2 spot on the Android Market for Top Paid Games. With over hundreds of thousands of users, Armored Strike is one of the biggest hits of the season. New content and features are being added all the time, so check it out!

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Downhill DashSkiing, Snowboarding and Sledding with editable courses!

It is a no-holds-barred race to the bottom of the mountain. Choose a skier, snowboarder or sledder and race around trees, avoid killer snowmen and slalom between the flags. Show some style and perform spinning stunts for a higher score. Send your race to a friend and see if they can beat your best time. You can also create your own custom double-black-diamond or bunny hill courses and share them with friends over the network.


How to Play


The more directly downhill you are heading the faster you will accelerate.



The longer you hold it the higher you go. Jumping can be used to dodge obstacles. Jumping and turning is a good way to carve a sharp turn. Remember the slower you are moving the more difficult it is to turn.



Avoid trees, walls and other obstacles by turning to travel around them, using jump ramps or by jumping over smaller obstacles like rocks and moguls.



Small and large ramps will help you perform extreme jumps. Perform spinning tricks off of ramps to earn extra points. Use the ramps to jump over larger obstacles. Be sure to hit the ramp straight on or you will wipe out.



When recovering from a crash it may take you some time to get back to full speed.





Balanced all-around characters. Great in mixed course types with varied obstacles. Slow recovery after a crash but makes up for it with high acceleration.


Best for courses with a lot of jumps and turns. Although the snowboarders have the slowest top speed they don't slow down much in the turns. They also have the longest hangtime which makes them great for tricks.


Slow to start and quick to finish, these little racers have the highest top-speed but the slowest acceleration. They can make precise turns but doing so will cause significant speed loss, so keep them straight and speedy. They also have the fastest recovery time after a crash and are perfect for courses with long straight aways and few hard turns.


Ghost Players

If you finish a race you will have the option to save your race as a 'ghost'. A ghost is a saved replay that you can race against. You can only have one local and one received ghost per course so make sure you want to overwrite the existing ghost before you say yes. Your ghost will automatically be saved the first time you complete a course. During the race the ghost blobs will race along with you and is colored based on its type...

Local Ghosts:

Received Ghosts:

You can send and receive ghosts from other players. To do so press  and select 'Send Ghost'. Choose the course with the associated ghost you wish to send and enter a username, which is a device's email address before the @ symbol. If you do not have a ghost saved for that course you will be unable to send one. If you receive a network ghost you will be alerted with a notification and will be able to play against that player.



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