Armored Strike Reaches #2 spot on Android Market!

Armored Strike has been a big hit on Android reaching the #2 spot on the Android Market for Top Paid Games. With over hundreds of thousands of users, Armored Strike is one of the biggest hits of the season. New content and features are being added all the time, so check it out!

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AndroidAssaultImage The Earth's fate was nearly sealed when a race of cybernetic organisms first appeared from the sky in the year 2067. It was soon obvious that they came only for conquest. After nuking most of the planet's major metropolitan cities, the human race was rounded up into squalid settlements so that they could be contained and studied. Completely subjugated, there is no chance for rebellion, only revenge.

Shoot your way through the endless hordes of Earth's cybernetic occupiers. Re-arm between each wave at the base where you can buy up to 21 different weapons and 12 different powerups!




At the supply shop you can find a wide collection of weapons broken down into the following categories:

Pistols - Standard sidearm, effective against lesser threats.

Magnums - More powerful than the common pistol, these weapons fire larger slugs capable of stopping enemies in their tracks, if not taking them down altogether.


Sub-Machine Guns - Lightweight automatic weapons that can bring more firepower to bear when in the midst of a cyborg swarm, but weak in long distance attacks.

Shotguns - Very powerful at close range, effective at keeping the enemy at a distance with a single blast.

Assault Rifles - Heavier automatic weapons which fire larger slugs at a faster rate.

Sniper Rifles  - Highly accurate and capable of devastating damage. These weapons are loaded with munitions capable of passing through enemies, damaging multiple targets along their path.

Chain Guns - An extremely fast firing rate unleashes a rain of hot metal sufficient to annihilate any foe.


Weapon Modes - Some weapons have the ability to use different firing modes...

Semi-Automatic - Will fire as often as the firing key can be pressed.

Burst - Will fire a group of 3 shots per press of the fire key.

Automatic - Will fire as long as a firing key is held (provided there is ammunition).


Power Ups

Med-Kits - There are three levels of medical kits for patching up even the most severe wounds.

Kevlar Vest/Helmet - Protective wear for your vital organs.

Stim Pack - A shot of adreneline which provides a speed boost for the next wave.

Repair Kits - Good for patching up holes in the base against the continuing onslaught.

Reinforcement Kits - Fortifies the base so it can take more damage.



C-232 "Spike" - Not-so-lovingly nicknamed "Spike" amongst the human survivors, the C-232 is the smallest of the enemy race and uses a simplistic ramming attack.

MEP-4F Blast Drone - A flying droid capable of maneuvering above obstacles. Set to explode on contact with human flesh, but has also been seen to go after supply bases.

N-4DN Buzzborg - This midrange enemy employs a high-speed circular saw used to slash its way to carnage.

A-4 Arachnid - Poised atop 4 spider-like legs, the Arachnid carries two missile tubes to battle. It is highly advised to keep your distance since they are only capable of targeting at close range.

R-1000 "Laserbreath" - Don't get caught looking at your reflection when this polished metal behemoth comes on the scene. When targets are in range it fires a powerful laser from its optical visor.

DOA-570 Super Droid - The peak of the enemies technology, the DOA-570 has super-strong armor and two pulse cannons at the end of each arm. Defeating these foes will require only the fiercest of firepower.


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