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Darts ChallengeBe the one to find the most words in this classic word hunt game. Play together with up to 4 people over the network or go head-to-head on the same device! Prove you're the word genius!

How To Play

Create as many words as possible within the time limit by stringing together adjacent letters. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Trackball Control - The green tile is the cursor. Roll  to move the cursor over a letter, then press  to select the letter. Continue until the word has been spelled in full.

Keyboard Control - Simply enter the word using the keyboard.

When the word has been completed, press  ,  or  to add the word to your list.

If you make a mistake while entering the word, press  or to delete letters.

Valid Words - The word is considered valid if it is in the dictionary, is longer than 3 spaces, and is not already in your word list.

Press  or  to rotate the board, this is helpful to see words which might not have been obvious before.

The grid of letters is hidden when paused, so that for games played on the same device none of the players can cheat. After your turn, when passing, make sure to press  after you've examined your score, so that the board and your word list will be hidden from the next player.


Player Types

- Several player types are available:

- None
- Human
- Network Player (on another device).
          Choose this player type for a networked opponent, then enter
          their username which is the device's email address before the @ sign.

Note: After a network game has begun, you'll also see this icon...
- Host Player (networked player who originated the game)


Options & Settings

Rounds - The 'No Limit' option will continue to generate new boards until you quit. This option is not available in network play.

Force Live Spell Check - This feature uses color highlighting, as you enter letters, to indicate the validity of the word.

If the word is invalid, the text box will be pale green, or the cursor will be pale green with a trail of pale yellow letters. When the text box turns bright yellow, or the cursor turns bright green and the trail of letters turn bright yellow, you have a valid word.

For single player games, this option can be configured from the menu (press  ). For multiplayer games, this option must be chosen when the game is setup, in order to keep things fair.

Note: This option is performance intensive and may slow down your device during play.

Wind Down Timer (Settings) - When you can't find any more words on the board and time is still remaining, press  and use this option to end the round rather than waiting for time to run out.



The winner is determined by the overall score at the end of the game. Word scoring works as follows:

    3 or 4 letters: 1

    5 letters: 2

    6 letters: 3

    7 letters: 5

    More than 7 letters: 11

When there are multiple players, words that are unique are NOT cancelled out, your score is based on your complete word list.


Buddy List

The buddy list is a quick and easy way to store and access the usernames of other players. You can use the stored names in the buddy list to quickly initiate networked games with your favorite opponents.

Adding Buddies
From The 'Buddy List' Setup Menu - Enter 'Buddy List Setup' by pressing  , then selecting 'Settings' and then 'Buddy List Setup'. Enter the username of your buddy in the text field and press the 'Add Buddy' button. Make sure to save to confirm your changes by pressing the  button.

From A Network Game - While in a game with network players press  then select 'Add Player To Buddy List'. A list of all of the networked players in the game will be displayed. Only networked players not already in your buddy list will appear in the list. Select the player's username from the list you would like to add. Press the 'Add Buddy' button to add the players to your buddy list.
Note: This will only be available during a game with network players.

Entering Buddies
Select the player name field in the 'Player Setup' window to highlight the name entry box. Press  then select 'Insert From Buddy List Menu'. Clicking on the username of a buddy will populate the name field with the selected buddy's username.
You can also highlight a field and begin typing the username of a buddy and a list will appear with matching usernames. Select a name from the list to populate the name field with the selected buddy's username.

Note: If there are no buddies in your list, these features will not be available.

Deleting Buddies

Press  and select 'Settings' then 'Buddy List Setup'. Select the username(s) of the buddy/buddies from the list by pressing  . Selected buddies will have an icon next to the name when selected. Press the 'Delete Selected' button to permanently remove the selected usernames from your buddy list. Make sure to save to confirm your changes by pressing  .



You can chat with your opponents during a networked game. When someone has sent a message, a chat bubble icon will appear at the corner of your screen.

Sending A Message - After opening the chat window, enter text in the text field and press the 'Send' button.

Expressive Chat Bubbles


Yelling - type <yell> or <y> at the beginning of your message.
Thinking - type <think> or <t> at the beginning of your message.
Whispering - type <whisper username> or <w username> at the beginning of your message. The username should be the username of the buddy you wish to whisper too. A whisper is only viewed by the buddy you whisper to.

Hint: You need not type the entire username of the buddy as long as you enter enough characters for it to match to a unique player name.

For example, you have to type <w bob> to whisper to a player with the username 'bobby' if there is also a player with the username 'bonnie'. Typing just or would not be successful since more than one user name starts with the same characters of 'bo'.

- Make sure to use the angled brackets around the keyword to use expressive chat bubbles.
- In games where whispering would constitute cheating, whispering will be disabled during the game, but will be available both before and after the game.

Emoticons - The following emoticons are available in chat:

Font Size And Timestamps - Press  and select 'Settings'. Here you can change the chat font size and toggle the display of time stamps on and off.

Network Profile

The network profile allows you to create and set your own default avatar for network game play. This will be the avatar that is used in a network game.

Setting Up Your Profile - Press  and select 'Settings' then 'Network Profile'.

Note: This avatar will always be used when you're challenged to a network game.

To use this avatar when sending a challenge, click on the avatar icon in the 'Player Setup' window. Press the 'Load Profile' button from the avatar setup menu, then press  to confirm your changes.

Note: This button will only be available if the player type is set to human.

Sharing Settings - For your convenience, when you change your network profile, buddy list or chat settings these settings will also be reflected in other Requiem games, when applicable.

Sharing Settings - For your convenience, when you change your network profile, buddy list or chat settings these settings will also be reflected in other Requiem games, when applicable.



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