Spray Can Tool:

The spray can tool allows you to spray colors into your image like using a spray

To use the spray can tool, select it by rotate the scroll wheel until the icon is hilighted. Click where you would like to use the tool and let go when you have finished.

Spray can settings:

The "spray width" slider will adjust how the spray is distributed horizontally.
The "spray height" slider will adust how the spray is distributed vertically.
The "pressure" slider changes how quickly the spray comes out.
The "drop size" slider changes the radius of each particle of the spray.

The "randomize" check box being active will cause each particle of the spray have a randomly generated radius between 1 and the the "drop size" setting.
Note: This checkbox will be disabled if the "drop size" slider is all the way to the left

The "shapes" menu allows you to change the drop shapes to circles, rectangles or lines. Lines will have randomized directions.

The "colors" menu will allow you to change the spray color between:
- foreground color
- background color
- foreground / background colors, randomly chosen
- foreground / background color gradient, randomly produces colors between the fg and bg colors
- random, randomly selected colors across the entire spectrum


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