Access the Menu by pressing the Menu button

New Image:

Open a new image:
By selecting and clicking "New Image" from menu

To name the image:
Highlight the "Name:" field and type in the title you would like to use.

To set the Width
Highlight the "Width: " field and click the scroll button, then select the size...

To set the Height:
Highlight the "Height: " field and click the scroll button, then select the size...

Note: The maximium size supported for a new image is 352x352


To Load an image, select "Load Image" from the menu. You can select images from either memory or from the photo gallery (Camera App). If you havent save any images to memory yet, you will not be able to load images from there. Likewise if you havent taken any pictures with your camera, no images will appear there....
if you have images saved to memory click the "Memory/Backend Service" button. This will load all the images you have saved to memory (a please wait dialog may appear while it loads). (the following section might be hard to explain) -- Click on the image and scroll up and down to select other saved images.

click load to load the selected image (you may have to wait a few seconds while the image loads)


Saving it to the backend is lossless (explain what that means). This is good if you would like to preserve the image or you arent finished working on it and want to save it for later without jpeg artifacts. You wont be able to email images saved to memory (unless they are later saved to the photo gallery)

saving to photo gallery allows you to email the message from the photo gallery.

setting the name, highlight the "file name" field and enter your file's name

quality: only applicable when saving to photo gallery: images with a lower quality will be smaller but will lose some detail, higher quality will have better detail, but will be larger

Once you have saved the image to the photo gallery and would like to email it. Leave hippaint and go to the email app, blah blah blah

please wait dialog may appear


Undo: This will revert to the end of the previous action, this will not be available if no actions have occured.

Redo: This will move you forward one action if you have undone one history step or more.

May want to explain the concept of history here first...
Hippaint will save the last 15 states which an image has gone through since it was created or loaded.

You can see the stored states by choosing "history" from the menu -> edit. This is helpful for quickly selecting the state you would like to revert from. highlight the history widget, click and select the state you'd like, click again and move to the "Load state" button to revert to your state

Select All will select the entire image with a marquee


You can rotate the image by 90, 180 and -90 degrees under the Canvas menu. Keep in mind that these actions are NOT undoable, which means that all you history states will be cleared and you will begin again as though you just created the image. A window will appear to remind you of this.

You can flip your image horizontally and vertically under the canvas menu.

To replace a color first select the color that you want to replace as your foreground image and the color you would like to replace with as your background color, select Replace Color (FG->BG) from menu -> canvas. Please wait window may appear


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Zooming gives you fine control over your image. Zooming comes in very handy to overcome the constaints of the locking 8 way direction pad. Creating pixel by pixel shapes allows for a more organic shape creation. To zoom Press the Menu button and select Zoom > and then choose a zoom level from 1x to 9x or choose off turn zoom off. You can also use the keyboard shortcut 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to zoom the corresponding level, or choose 0 to turn zoom off. While zooming a centered preview window will be superimposed over the drawing area. A moveable pane will follow your cursor and will allow you to see where you are working on the zoomed out image on the un-zoomed drawing area. You can still use all of the creation tools while zoomed in.


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