Line Tool:

line tool:
There are three types of lines available selectable from the "type" menu
- Sharp Edges: This refers to rectangular line.
- Select a thickness from the "Line thickness" slider, this will make your line wider or thinner.
- Stroked: This is a line which is stroked by a stroking brush
- Select a stroking brush from the "stroke" menu
- Curved:


To create curved line, go into the line dialog and select type: curved.
The points calculated along curve will describe how many points comprise the curve, ie more means smother. In the calculation for this, more points will appear where the curve bends most. Selecting reparameterize points will redistribute these evenly along the length of the curve. If you would like to stroke the curve, the select a stroking brush from the "stroke" menu.....
Back on the canvas screen you must place 4 points. Create a point by pressing the space bar and then letting go. You will create a start point, two midpoints and an end point (in that order). Dont worry if you make a mistake placing a point, because you will be able to move them. Once you ahve placed all 4 points, then your curve will appear. To move the points around, move your cursor over the box which represents the point. You will see a 'move' cursor appear. Simply click and drag the point to its desired location. To complete the curve, click outside of one of the point boxes or select a new tool


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