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Leave the miniature pencils and pads at home, Golf Caddy takes your golf game record-keeping to new heights. With the ability to save scores, maintain course information, calculate handicaps and much more, you will wonder how you ever survived on the links without Golf Caddy!  
Recording Your Game

To save the score of a round, select the 'Score a Game' option from the title screen. You will be prompted to select the course at which this round is being played. If this is the first time you are playing this course, you must first create a course profile. Once you have selected the course, select the golfer(s) that are playing, 1-4 golfers may play a round. If this is your first round, you must first create a golfer profile. After selecting the course and the golfer(s) playing the round, you have the option of entering the scores for each hole by pressing the 'Play' button or just entering the final score for the round by selecting the 'Enter Final Scores' button. At any time during play, the user can choose to just enter the final score(s) by selecting 'Complete Game' from the menu. In the 'Save Scores' window, select the date and time of the round and enter the score for each golfer if you are just entering the final scores. Press the 'Save' button to save the round. Press the 'Don't Save' button to discard the round. Press the 'Score Card' button to go back to the score card for viewing and/or editing golfer scores.


Entering Course Information

In the 'Course Setup' window, you are required to enter some basic information about the course. Fill in the course name, address, city, state and zip and total yardage fields to distinguish this course from others. The course rating, slope rating and total par are required for calculating handicaps. This information should be available on your course's scorecard and/or website. You have the option of specifying the yardage and par for individual holes by checking the 'Enter Par/Yardage For Each Hole' box. The total yardage and total par will be calculated from the values entered for each individual hole. Leave the option unchecked if you do not want to specify the par and yardage of each hole.


Entering Golfer Information

To create a new golfer, select 'Create New Golfer' from the menu in the 'Select Golfers' window. All that is required for the new golfer is a name. The most recent 20 rounds played by this golfer will be used to calculate his/her handicap.




Viewing Previous Rounds

To review the score(s) of a round, select the 'View Game History'
option from the title screen. A list of rounds will be displayed with the
course name, date and the score. Select a round to see the scores for
individual holes as well as the total score for each golfer who played the round.



What is a Handicap?

A handicap makes it possible for golfers with varying abilities to
compete fairly. Essentially the lower the handicap the better the golfer. The handicap is used to determine on which holes a less-skilled player gets a stroke advantage to create a level playing field between the golfers. For example, golfer A has a 7 handicap and golfer B has a 12 handicap. Golfer B gets a stroke advantage on the 5 most difficult holes(12 - 7 = 5), meaning that if golfer B gets a 6 on one of those holes it counts as a net 5


How is a Handicap Calculated?

A golfer's handicap is calculated using the most recent 20 rounds
played. The difficulty of the course is taken into account with the course
rating and the slope rating of each course. A handicap attempts to represent the capability of a given golfer as a few bad rounds will not affect the handicap whereas a few great rounds will cause a handicap to go down.


Saving Golf Scores

Store your golf scores so you can review all your recent rounds at anytime. Choose between keeping track of scores for individual holes or just the total score.



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