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Gem matching puzzle action.

Stretch your brain with GemBuster. Swap gems to create groups of three of more of the same gems.  You have to hunt for matches because you have to meet goals for each type of gem.  Find and match all the gems you need and you get to move on to harder challenges.  Multiple modes and difficulty levels make this a challenge you won't soon beat.



Match groups of three (3) or more like gems in a horizontal or vertical line.

Complete the number of matches listed for each gem on the right bar to progress to the next level.

Clearing the gems by making a match can cause cascading chain combo matches for more points!


How To Play

Roll  to move cursor over a gem, then press the  to select it, then roll in the direction of a gem you want to swap with the currently selected gem creating a gem match. Gems can only be swapped if it creates a match of three of more gems.

To cancel a selection press before rolling in a direction.

Pressing  will show you a possible match (This will result in a 2000 point penalty)



More points are awarded for matches of more than 3 gems. Additional points are awarded for chained matching combos.

10 points for each match of 3 gems
+ 10 points for each additional gem in a matching group
+ 20 points for each combo chain


Game Modes

Timed Mode - Play against the clock which is counting down. Each match will add time back onto the clock. The game ends when time runs out, or there are no matches that can be made.

Untimed Mode - The game ends when there are no matches that can be made.



The level difficulty determines the amount of gem types in play. The easier levels have less gem types to match, starting at four gem types. Each difficulty level adds additional gems.



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