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Quiz yourself on the go! A personal flashcard study and quiz system with support for multiple card decks and email import. With Flashcards your phone just became your best study-buddy. Build custom flashcard decks based on subject, chapter, topic or whatever fits your personal learning style. Create cards in a simple and intuitive environment and then switch into quiz mode to practice on-the-go. With Flashcards you can even have a friend email you study notes and instantly convert them into a flashcard deck. Lose the pack of 3x5 cards, it is time to upgrade.  
How to Use

From the deck selection screen, click on a deck or choose 'Begin Quiz' from the menu with the deck you'd like to be quizzed on highlighted. If there aren't decks listed you'll need to create one first.

Use to flip the card over, doing this again will cycle to the next card (removing the current card from the deck).

Use to flip the current card back over.

Press to keep the current card from the deck (instead of discarding it).

Use / or to scroll text on cards (when applicable).


Creating a Deck

From the "Select Your Deck" window, select "Create New Deck" from the menu.


You'll see a new deck named "Untitled Deck" added to your list.


Now you'll want to add cards to this deck, highlight it and select "Edit Deck" from the menu.


Let's name the deck, as an example, we'll do some German vocabulary, so name the deck "German Lesson I".


Now we'll begin adding cards to the deck, from the menu select "Add New Card".


Fill in the information you want to appear on eachside of the card, typically the frontside is for the word or phrase you are quizzing yourself on and the backside the answer.


Continue to add cards until you are satisfied with your deck. When you are finished select "Save Deck" from the menu.


Q: Is there an easier way to create a deck than creating it card by card on the device?
A: We've found it can be much easier to draft up an email with all your card data in it formatted as described in the help section and then email it to yourself. When you receive it, open the email and click on the button labeled "Open with Flashcards". It will then be saved to your device and appear in your deck list. Make sure you have the "Import From Email" option checked in your settings!


Send us your decks!

As users create decks, we've asked them to send them our way if they'd like to share them with others. If you have a deck you'd like to submit, please choose the "Export Deck To Email" option form the menu in the Flashcards application and send it to


Available Decks


Click here to download user submitted FlashCard Decks!



For additional information, please visit:
Or send an email to:


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  10 Pin!

  Air Hockey

  Aqua Picross

  Armored Strike


  Art Palette (Hippaint)

  Art Palette Professional

  Astro Vortex


  Beatdown Boxing


  Cluster Buster

  Darts Challenge

  Downhill Dash

  Fast Food Mayhem


  Gem Buster


  Graphing Calculator


  Hearts Challenge

  Mini Golf

  Mobile Journal

  Pool Hall Challenge

  The Reckoning


  Slimeball Speedway

  Sling Shark


  Spades Challenge

  Speed Reader

  Texas Hold'Em

  Texas Hold'Em Challenge

  War of the Words

In Development

  Golf Caddy



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