Arena Dodgeball Released!

Duck, catch and throw your way through multiple opponents as you create and control a team of three dodgeball superstars. Play exhibition games to hone your skills and get points to increase your player's stats. Once your team is ready, take them to the championship. You will need all of your skill because this is a fast-paced no-holds-barred game of dodgeball. Be quick or eat rubber!

Importing An Image From Email

First, make sure you have the proper setting enabled to import from email. Press  and select 'Settings'.


Confirm that the 'Enable Importing From Email' box is checked. Press the 'Done' button.


If this setting was not previously checked, you may need to reboot your device at this time.


Now when you receive an email with an image attached, a button, 'Open with "ArtPalette Professional"', will appear at the bottom of the email.


When this button is pressed, ArtPalette Pro will appear. Press the 'Yes' button to confirm that you would like to open the image.


The image is ready for editing!

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