Android Assault Released!

The Earth's fate was nearly sealed when a race of cybernetic organisms first appeared from the sky in the year 2067. It was soon obvious that they came only for conquest. After nuking most of the planet's major metropolitan cities, the human race was rounded up into squalid settlements so that they could be contained and studied. Completely subjugated, there is no chance for rebellion, only revenge.

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Cropping An Image

In this example we want to crop the image so that we only show the tree on the left side. First select the marquee tool.


We want to crop out a rectangular region, so we'll use a rectangle marquee. Press  to open up the marquee tool settings. Then select 'Rectangle' from the the 'Marquee Type' menu.


Move the cursor to the top-left corner of the region you want to crop using  .


Press and hold the space bar or  , then using  move the cursor to the bottom-right corner of your desired region and release  .


Press  , then select 'Edit', then 'Crop'.


A dialog will appear to confirm that you want to perform this action. Press the 'Yes' button.


Your image has been cropped!

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