Armored Strike Reaches #2 spot on Android Market!

Armored Strike has been a big hit on Android reaching the #2 spot on the Android Market for Top Paid Games. With over hundreds of thousands of users, Armored Strike is one of the biggest hits of the season. New content and features are being added all the time, so check it out!

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Automatically Resizing Images While Loading

Due to the limited memory of the Sidekick, smaller images can be much easier for it to handle. You can have Art Palette Pro automatically downsize images when they are opened which will make the application feel much more responsive. To do this press  and select 'Settings'.


Scroll all the way to the bottom and change the 'Max Image Dimension' setting to 320 px or less. Then press the 'Done' button.


Images with a dimension larger than this value will be resized proportionally so that the largest dimension matches this setting. For example, if we load an image that is 640x480...


...upon opening it will automatically resized, in this case it has been changed to 320x240.

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