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Leave the coins at home and get ready for an action-packed pinball experience right in your pocket. Run the tunnels and rattle around the bumpers while picking up point multipliers to beat the high score - you'll feel like you're right in the arcade! Whether you're a beginner or a real pinball wizard you won't be disappointed!

Speed Reader
Speed ReaderWhy waste precious time slowly slogging through email and text files when you can rocket through them with Speed Reader? Speed Reader allows you to speed read text documents at 10x the average reading speed. Adjust the display options to tailor Speed Reading to your personal learning style. You can start off slow, and change the speed and number of words displayed as you get better. Blast through emails and zoom through books at speeds you never thought possible.


Press the play button to play the selection from its current point.
Press the pause button to pause the selection at its current point.
Press the reset button to rewind the selection to the first word.


Info Tab - The tab at the top of the Speed Reader page displays the number of words in the current loaded selection, and the speed at which it is being displayed.

Progress Bar - The progress bar displays the current position in the loaded selection. You can highlight and click on the progress bar to select it and move back and forth through the document. Holding down  while you scroll will move you in large increments.


Open From Memory Card - Opens the file browser to allow you to select a text file to load into Speed Reader.

Enter Text - Opens a text entry window. You can type, edit or paste text in this window to be displayed on the Speed Reader page.

Play - Plays the selection from its current point.

Pause - Pauses the selection at its current point.

Reset - Rewinds the selection to the first word.

Help - Displays this help document.

Settings - Opens the settings dialog.


Words Per Minute (WPM) - Adjusts the total Words Per Minute (WPM) display speed from 1-2000 WPM. This is the total display speed, displaying more than 1 word at a time decreases the refresh rate, but the number of words displayed per minute remains the same.

Words at a Time - Adjusts the number of words displayed at a time. More advanced readers may want to increase the number of words displayed at a time to help open up their visual field when reading.

Text Color - Adjusts the color of the text.

Background Color - Adjusts the background color of the text window.

Enable Importing From Email - Allows you to open email and text attachments in Speed Reader. When this is checked you will have an option in the email program to open supported text and documents directly into Speed Reader.

Note: Try to pick settings that promote optimal learning. Experiment with different settings until you find one that is best for you.



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