Cluster Buster- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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How do I play?
Adjust the angle of the turret to fire the
balls at the clusters on the top of the
screen. Matching clusters of three or more balls will clear those balls
from the screen, and any balls left suspended will fall off. As balls
are cleared the balls will descend, there is a set number of balls to
clear before advancing to the next level. Keep in mind that you are
racing against the clock! When the meter fills the balls will decend. If
the any balls drop below the gray "terminal" line, the game will end.

What are the controls?
- Adjust turret angle: scroll wheel, up/down arrow keys.
- Adjust turret angle (faster): menu + scroll wheel, menu + up/down
arrow keys.
- Fire ball: scroll wheel button, return key.

Can fired balls bounce off of the walls?
Yup! As you get the hang of it you'll be able to bank shots off the
walls for those tricky shots.

Hey what's that big brick wall?
As time progresses the remaining balls will descend the screen. When
there are no more remaining balls to fill, a brick wall will follow

This doesn't seem hard enough!
As the levels progress, certain characteristics will change, making the
game much more difficult:
- Balls with new colors will be added
- More balls will appear at the start of the level
- More balls will be active on the screen at once
- Time meter will increase in speed.

Hey everything is turned sideways! What is happening?!
The screen is oriented that way to reduce the amount of scrolling
necessary to play, shallow angles won't wear out your scroll wheel as
quickly! Plus it adds a lot more room to play, so try holding the device
at 90 degrees. That doesn't mean you can't play Cluster Buster holding
the Hiptop normally though.

Are there any cheats in Cluster Buster?
There sure are, but we aren't telling you. You'll have to find them out
on your own.

What's that big round thing behind the turret?
That's just decoration.

Harder! Harder!
Well there are some settings you can try. Under the "Settings" menu,
click on "Difficulty/Game Stype". Here you can select four modes of
difficulty, as well as the number of colors that begin each game.

Faster! Faster!
Uhhh, under the "Controls" menu you can change how many degrees
scrolling and menu-scrolling adjusts the turret angle.

My priest got mad when he kept hearing popping sounds from the back of the church and told me I was going to hell!
Under the "Settings" menu, click on "Sound/Vibration". Uncheck the "Use Sound" box.

This lady keeps looking at me and seems interested.
Probably not, under the "Settings" menu, click on "Sound/Vibration".
Uncheck the "Use Vibration" box.

I still have questions! Why are you leaving??
If this FAQ doesn't solve your problem our staff at Requiem Software
Labs would be happy to answer your question directly. Please send an
e-mail to software support