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Use your skills to dodge, jab and brawl with intense first-person arcade-style boxing. Start in the amateur circuit then go for pro meeting 15 opponents along the way. Max out your hits and try for a super KO-combo. You have not seen boxing action like this on your phone before!


The key to winning any match it to knock your opponent out. You will need to be patient, waiting for just the right moment to make your move.

Once you land a punch your opponent will experienced a period of being stunned during which time you can really lay into him.

Low jabs

Press - A shot in the gut can really take the wind out of your challenger's sails setting him up for more pounding. This punch isn't the strongest available, but you can throw them in quickly one right after another.


High jabs

Press - A fast jab to the nose is an effective way to leave your opponent reeling. Again, jabs aren't powerful, but you'll be able to land a bunch in a short amount of time.




Press - Hooks are a great way to keep that trash talker sore for a while dazing him just long enough to get in some additional pounding. Hooks are much stronger than jabs, but not quite as quick.



Press (with a full stamina bar)

Uppercuts are the most
powerful punches in the game. When your opponent is vulnerable and the blue bar is full and flashing you can throw an uppercut. You'll be required to complete a 5 button sequence in a specified amount of time. The more buttons you press correctly before time runs out the more powerful your uppercut will be. Completing the entire sequence will guarantee you a knock down.

Note: Each time you press a punch button it will alternate between



If you watch your opponent closely you'll know when he's about to make his move. Don't just stand there or you'll get a face full of knuckles!






Hold - Blocking is a great way to defend yourself against your enemy's onslaught. You can hide behind those gloves all day, but it might be hard to tell what your opponent is up to. If you are hit while blocking you will lose a small amount of health.



Press or - Dodging takes a bit more skill than blocking as you'll need to get the timing just right. A successful dodge won't leave you with any damage penalties and will put you in prime position to pound on your opponent after his attack.



When you are knocked down, you will have to complete a certain number of sequences to get back up by pressing the buttons in order corresponding to those on the screen. Once you have completed the
required number of sequences you will stand back up and you have until the end of the 10-count to complete additional sequences for an additional health bonus. Each time you get knocked down the sequences will get longer and you will need to complete more in order to stand back up.


Game Screen


The red bar on the left represents your health and the green bar is your opponent's health. When this bar becomes empty that player will get knocked down.

When the blue bar is full and flashing, you can throw an uppercut. The bar is filled each time you land a punch.




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