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Loading an image from the memory card (Sidekick3)


In the camera application. Select the image you would like to open in Art Palette. Make sure it has a check box.

Note: Due to the higher resolution you may only be able to have 1 image loaded in the device album at a time.

Press menu. Select "Move 1 checked to" >> "Device Album."

When it has successfully moved the image, exit the camera application and open Art Palette.

In Art Palette press menu and select "Load"

Choose "Load From:" Photo gallery. Select the image you would like to load and press "Load"

You have sucessfully loaded an image from the memory card. You can now edit it and save it to the "Memory/Backend Service" or to the "Photo Gallery" (also known as the "Device Album").


If you would like to move an image saved from the "Device Album" to the memory card, in the camera application, select the image you want to move. Press menu. Select "Move 1 checked to" >> "Memory Card Album".


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