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ArrivalAliens are planning a massive assault on Earth, but you are going to take the fight to them! Defend your tower and battle alien forces on five (5) planets against four (4) unique alien races. Collect and save resources to upgrade your tower and add new units, special attacks and abitilies to help defeat the alien scourge.


Game Information

Drifting through space in a mining and exploration rig you accidentally intercept a message signaling a hostile invasion of Earth. You must defend against the invasion forces and warn the inhabitants of Earth before it is too late.

Use your ships on-board robot factory to build troops to cripple the aliens on their home worlds as you make the race home. Gather Interplanetary Resources (IPR) to use as raw materials for research and creation of new weapons and units.



 / - Selects tower level.

 / - Select an available unit/repair/special attack or weapon type on the currently selected level.

Press  - Purchases selected unit/repair/special attack or weapon type displayed on the current tower level, provided the required IPR is available.

Turret Control

When the turret level is selected...

Roll  - Moves the crosshairs.

 - Zoom to tower.

 - Zoom to enemy's base.

Press  or a-key - Fires the turret.


Game Modes

New Story Mode - Fight your way across the universe planet by planet trying to reach Earth in time. Each planet reached will become available in Free Play mode.

Continue Story Mode - Continue story mode at the planet most recently unlocked.

Free Play - Play on any of the planets unlocked in Story Mode.



IPR Reserves - At the top-left of the screen you will find your IPR. IPR can be used to purchase upgrades.

Time - Below the IPR is the duration of the current planetary assault.

Weapon Systems - At the top-right of the screen are icons designating each of the 9 weapons available. To the right is the ammo count for the selected weapon.

Build Queue - Below the weapon systems is an overview of your current unit manufacture status. The icons to the left represent the units that are being built, and the bar to the right is the build progress of unit currently being built.

Repair Bar - Below the build queue is a bar that displays the readiness of repair. When this bar is filled it means repairs can begin.

Special Recharge Bar - Below the repair shows you how long you must wait before the next special attack becomes available, when the bar is full the weapon is fully charged and can be fired.


The Tower

The deep space mining and exploration rig is not designed for galactic war, but thanks to the autonomous on board research factory, it can adapt and produce powerful military units. The rig will automatically transform into a defensive base upon landing on a new planet. Equipped with base ground units and a simple turret the tower is able to defend against basic threats.

The aliens will send out waves of troops in increasing difficulty. After each wave of aliens is defeated, collected IPR can be used to purchase tower upgrades from the research factory. When you defeat the forces of a planet the upgrades will be lost. They are simply too heavy to launch into space and haul to the next planet.


Tower Upgrades

When a level is upgraded it allows for the use or creation of different units, weapons or repairs. A level must be upgraded before the corresponding units, weapons or repairs can be purchased or used.

Turret - The standby defensive and offensive weapon. It is cheap to use, and allows for manual control when precision is necessary. When upgraded, the turret is able to deliver a more powerful payload for any of the three core weapon types.

Repair - Fix up troops in the field. When upgraded, the repair level is able to fix more efficiently, and even revive disabled units.

Special - Turn the tide of any battle by launching a special attack. When upgraded, the special level will add a new attack type.

Air - Create and deploy flying units. The air level comes default with the MB-2000 flying soldier. When upgraded, the air level will allow for the creation of more powerful air units.

Ground - Create and deploy ground forces. The ground level comes default with the MB-100 and MB-200 units. When upgraded, the ground level will allow for the creation of more powerful ground units.


Tech Upgrades

Building and upgrading your tower's levels allows additional technology upgrades to be purchased.

Turret Weapon Technologies

Mortar (Level 1)
Standard explosive round.
Shots Per Magazine: 4
Reload Time: Very Fast

Sticky Plasma (Level 1)
Burning plasma that attaches to a unit and continues to do damage.
Shots Per Magazine: 8
Reload Time: Fast

Shock Mortar (Level 1)
Electrical round that stuns and damages nearby units.
Shots Per Magazine: 2
Reload Time: Slow

Cluster Mortar (Level 2)
Rapidly fires three shots at a time.
Shots Per Magazine: 10 (Triplets)
Reload Time: Fast

Plasma Napalm (Level 2)
Plasma fire that will damage any unit that touches it.
Shots Per Magazine: 1
Reload Time: Very Slow

Homing Shock (Level 2)
Electrical round that adjusts its trajectory for higher accuracy.
Shots Per Magazine: 2
Reload Time: Average

Super Mortar (Level 3)
Powerful explosive round.
Shots Per Magazine: 1
Reload Time: Average

Plasma Volcano (Level 3)
A large plume of plasma that erupts with sticky plasma.
Shots Per Magazine: 1
Reload Time: Slow

Thunderhead (Level 3)
Powerful electrical round that fires five bolts of lighting at the nearest enemies.
Shots Per Magazine: 2
Reload Time: Average

Repair Technologies

Light Repair (Level 1)
Replenishes 10% of your units' health and 25% of tower health.

Standard Repair (Level 2)
Replenishes 20% of your units' health and 50% of tower health.

Instensive Repair (Level 3)
Replenishes 30% of your units' health, replenishes 75% of tower health and revives dead uncollected units to 10% health.

Special Weapon Technologies

Unit Self Destruct (Level 1)
Converts all deployed units into moving time bombs.

Laser Storm (Level 2)
Multiple laser beams from space destroy units unlucky enough to get caught in the blast.

Meteor Shower (Level 3)
A gravity bomb that pulls meteors out of space and slams them into enemy troops.

Air Unit Technologies

MB-2000 (Level 1)
The reconfigured airborne version of the MB-200 unit, used primarily for ZERO-G space mining. This unit has slightly higher health than the MB-200, but much faster with a stronger attack.
Type: Weak Air Offensive

X-Striker (Level 2)
The state of the art X line of attack and defense units are feared and respected throughout the galaxy.
Type: Strong Air Offensive

X-Guardian (Level 2)
The X-Striker reprogrammed and armored for tower and base defense.
Type: Strong Air Defensive

Stratofortress (Level 3)
This unit predates the X line and has been in service for nearly 500 Earth years. It is a strong bomber, but slow and defenseless.
Type: Bomber

Ground Unit Technologies

MB-100 (Level 1)
Reprogrammed mining bot.
Type: Weak Melee Ground

 MB-200 (Level 1)
Reprogrammed mining bot with upgraded welder that is used as a ranged weapon. Type: Weak Ranged Ground

 Hover Fortress (Level 2)
Strong ranged unit with anti-aircraft capabilities. Tactical protocol states to pair this unit with the X-Striker air unit for best offensive results.
Type: Strong Ranged Ground

 Recycler (Level 2)
Scours the ground for bot remains, once filled it returns to base. If it comes under attack, it will attempt to flee the area and will lose a small amount of collected parts.
Type: Other

 A2 Widowmaker (Level 3)
Ultra strong artillery unit with anti-aircraft capabilities. Tactical protocol states to pair this unit with the X-Guardian air unit for best defensive results.
Type: Artillery


Unit Behavior

Melee Ground - Walks forward and engages in battle with other ground based units. Only attacks ground soldiers not already engaged in a skirmish with another unit.

Ranged Ground - Walk forward and attack other ground base units from a distance. Slows movement when enemy is in range and engages in melee combat when reaching target. Only attacks unengaged ground soldiers, but ranged anti-aircraft soldiers can also attack any air soldier within range.

Artillery - Similar to ranged soldiers, but shoots mortars and moves backwards to maintain distance from its target. Engages in melee combat as a last resort. Anti-Aircraft artillery can launch missiles at airborne targets in any direction. Only attacks unengaged ground soldiers, but anti-aircraft artillery can also attack any air soldier within range.

Air Offensive - Moves very fast - zooms around battlefield searching out targets. It can attack any unit on the battlefield and can gang up on units that are already engaged in combat.

Air Defensive - Viciously defend their base. They are slower than attack units, but have stronger attacks. They are only concerned with the most immediate threat to their base, and will not chase enemy beyond a certain distance from their base. Defense soldiers will always attack the closest threat to their base.

Bomber - Bombers are slow and incapable of defending themselves, relying on their allies for protection. They will fly overhead, dropping down to bomb ground targets. Once they position themselves above a base, they will drop bombs on it until either the base is destroyed or they are. In this position, bombers cannot be shot with the turret, so kill them early or keep them away by luring them with ground soldiers - they will only bomb the base when there are no available ground targets left.



Use Music - When checked, uses in-game music.

Use Sounds - When checked, uses in-game sounds.

Use Vibration - When checked, uses in-game vibrations.

 Acceleration - Controls how quickly the crosshairs move around the screen when rolling



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