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Duck, catch and throw your way through multiple opponents as you create and control a team of three dodgeball superstars. Play exhibition games to hone your skills and get points to increase your players stats. Once your team is ready, take them to the championship.  You will need all of your skill because this is a fast-paced  no-holds-barred game of dodgeball.  Be quick or eat rubber!



Build the perfect team of Dodgeball all-stars.  Customize the look and skills of the team and compete for the championship cup.

Collect and throw balls at opponents, avoid balls thrown at you by opponents. Catch balls to bring your teammates back into the game.

A game begins with three balls at mid-court. When the whistle blows signalling the start of the round, players rush in to collect the balls. If a player has a ball they can pass it to another teammate, or throw it at an opponent. Players can only be knocked out by a ball that hasn't hit the ground, a wall or another ball. A player can also avoid getting out by catching a ball. Catching balls will bring a downed teammate back into the game. Throwing at the peak of a jump will improve the throw power. Players motion and direction also factor into throws. For example, running at an opponent will increase the throws power.



/// - Moves (single press), runs (double press)

or , key (comma) - Ducks (single press), picks up ball (single press near ball on ground), jumps (double press)

or - Throws ball (when ball is held), catches incoming thrown ball or picks up bouncing ball (when no ball is held)

- Switches control to another teammate (when player is not holding a ball), passes to teammate (when player is holding a ball)


Game Modes

Exhibition - Compete against random teams at four difficulty levels and build up your skill points. As your team improves the amount of skill points earned at each difficulty level will diminish.

Tournament - Compete against increasingly harder teams and defeat them to earn the championship cup. Defeating a team will unlock the next one in the championship. No skill points are awarded in tournament play. 


Team Setup

Use the 'Edit Teams' menu to customize your team's name and appearance. Modify and customize the look of your players. Change the color of your players skin, hair, and uniforms. Change hairstyle, shirt and shoe options and eye wear.



Assign skill points won during exhibition games to boost your players stats:

Accuracy - Determines how effective throws are. Early in your team's career your player's aim will suffer. Improving this stat will make your players much more accurate.

Power - Determines the strength and speed of the throw. A faster throw means less time for the opponent to react.

Reflexes - For human controlled players, increases the duration of ducks and catches. For computer controlled players, increases their ability to duck, dodge and catch balls. The higher this stat, the better your players are at avoiding powerful throws.

Jumping - Jumping increases throw power, but makes you more vulnerable to an opponent's throw.



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